My Screen Cast


To be continued

I can’t reflect yet into the complete process as I am still have to create the  screencast-o-matic project and develop the potcast. I am aware of the many technics that I will be across in education and learn in the future as I am confident that with the exposure of the new tendencies and some practical uses for my classes it will be providing me with more opportunities to grow as a teacher but more importantly for the students learning to continue…


Naomi and I created a wiki which will be shared within the Modern Language Department for Assessing and Planning. This information was given by the two experts Dr. Yu-Lan Lin and and Paul Sandrock in the Foreign Language Workshop given in the EARCOS workshop sessions Oct 1 & 2, 2011.

We also include pages for the Classroom Strategy where other members of the department that were present in the workshop and for the rest of the community to contribute with more ideas into planning, assessing and class activities in order to enhance students learning. I am hopeful that this kind of group collaboration will make learning more enjoyble for teachers and will create more opportunities for students to real learning experiences.

Pecha Kucha in Practice

The following presentations are from some of the students who presented the oral presentation in class. Some of them are with notes some of them are without.

This was the first attempt but I think that with more exposure and practice in the target language students are going to be able to improve their confidence while presenting in Spanish which is a challenge when we are new and don’t know what to do.

However, I remember that some years ago when I had to talk to groups or people ask me questions in a colloquial form I frequently was lost!!!

How does it work for a student whose family doesn’t speak the language and its studying in an international school where the people around understand a common language but do not support the mother tongue of the ones who don’t have that privilege… Are we really supporting students to understand concepts in a way they understand or do we assume that?

As a foreign language teacher and a person who feels that in some context, doesn’t belong to the trend of English internationalization, BUT wonders: how easy is for me to consider that my thoughts and view points are the ones I should consider to assess knowledge when my own knowledge and understanding of my students might be VERY different from the one they come from. And I am not talking about language only. I am talking about the sciences, the arts and the other subjects where we communicate in the common language of the international education.

Its tricker for me when I have to integrate more gadgets in order to belong to the modern way of learning… But I am trying to learn to make my job and students learning more practical in this modern form of education, communication and socialization.

Touch screens in the classroom

Today, the international on education settings are changing classrooms environment as we speak. It seems to me, that the market have infinitive number of tools that perhaps enable students to learn faster. I will need to take losts of time and perhaps money to explore various possibilities in order to make sure on the programs that will enhance students learning in a practical manner. I definetely will need to do that so I can learn and how best increase the practical uses for the best tools on the shops.

I am excited about the many possibilities…maybe?!